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About Speakeasy School

Speakeasy is a small family-run language school  located  in Chiswick, a lovely part of West London  not far from the city centre.We are accredited by the British Council, and the Callan Method Organisation. We offer English language courses to adult  students (aged  18 and over) and hope to provide them with a stimulating and rewarding experience, not only in terms of studying English, but also by presenting them with the unique  cultural  opportunities that only living  in London  can offer. We would  also like to assure you that during your stay at Speakeasy, we will  be always ready  to help  you  with  any  special  requests or problems you may encounter whilst living and studying here.

Our website gives up to date information on the courses available at Speakeasy, and on the other services  we offer to students.  If you want to ask us a question, please contact us and we will be happy to answer all your queries.

We look forward to seeing  you very soon!

Maggie  Jenkins,


Learn English fast

We teach English using the Callan Method. This means our students learn English by talking, not just by listening to a teacher and writing. Our fast and dynamic class, systematic revision of material and constant correction of error help them to learn English quickly and efficiently. More...

Student care

We are always ready to help you with your stay in the UK. This includes: airport transfers, booking accommodation, as well as social activities. More...


Our course prices are very competitive and we offer special discounts at certain times of the year. More...

Small classes

We aim to keep classes small to ensure maximum learning benefit for the student.

Enrol any day, start any day

Students can enrol and start an English course at any time. After a level test, they will simply be placed in the appropriate class. More...

Try us for free

Before enrolling, we suggest you try one of our classes for free so you can learn about and experience the Callan Method yourself. More...

Mission Statement

Speakeasy  School opened its doors to foreign students  in September  2002. Since then we have taught English to thousands  of foreign speakers from all over the world. Our aim is and has always been to provide effective and good quality English  courses  at affordable  prices in a warm and friendly environment,  and to help the students  improve their language abilities for academic purposes, career advancement  and everyday social and practical purposes.

Speakeasy School is committed to

• Providing a stimulating, enjoyable and cost effective English language learning experience for adult students from beginner to advanced level;

• Hiring and retaining qualified EFL teaching professionals;

• Providing a clean, comfortable and friendly environment  for learning and socializing;

• Offering advice on any student concerns from academic, through personal to professionaly related;

• Promoting intercultural understanding between students, teachers,host families and the wider local community;

• Constantly  improving  our  programme  to  develop  a  language  school  to  the  benefit  of  its  students  and members of staff.

Important Policies

In order to ensure that Speakeasy School operates safely and efficiently,we adhere to certain policies and procedures, which can provide you with important information about the school's management and expectations. Our policies and procedures are outlined in our Student Handbook, and cover all areas including how we choose our students and monitor their attendance; how we expect our students to behave, ensure equality of opportunity and deal with student complaints; how we care about students with disabilities and special needs and how we look after your safety while on the premises of the school. More...

9.30am to 9.30pm

Our classes run all through the day from 9.30am until 9.30pm.

Speakeasy School frontage, Chiswick, West London

See our Courses page for details of how our timetable works.

“I want to be grateful to you for every day of teaching me because my English is much better because of you. I hope you will be continuing teaching like that because it is fantastic” (Almudena from Portugal)

“I would like to say that the course is very good, and Callan Method helpful for me to study English. Thank you.” (Bota from Kazakhstan)

“Since last June, my English has always been improving, and I am very happy for this school. Thanks.” (Ana from Spain)

“I am very pleased with the lessons. I can see my progress in the English language. All the teachers put their heart and their best skills to teach us the correct pronunciation and grammar” (Teresa from Poland)

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