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Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions apply to all members of the school and you should try to read and understand them. If you need help to understand them, please ask a member of the school's office staff.


Opening times: the school and its facilities are open to all students from 9.30am to 9.30pm. The school is closed at weekends, on public holidays, and at Easter and Christmas. Please note there is no reduction of fees if the course includes a bank holiday.

Tuition hours: every lesson is 50 minutes long, followed by a 10 minute break. Students are expected to attend classes regularly and on time. No refunds or credits are given in respect of missed classes.

Changes in courses: The school reserves the right to alter the timetable, transfer students from one class to another, combine classes and cancel courses.

Discipline: In cases of flagrant misconduct or proven criminal offence, the school reserves the right to expel any student. In the event of an expulsion, no refund of fees will be made.


Course fees do not include books, registration, accommodation or airport/station transfer fees. You must pay in full for tuition before you can start a course at the school.

Course books may be purchased from the school office at £10.

Registration fee:  £20 - £30.

Transfer of payments: Please note that payments made by one student cannot be transferred to another student at the School.

Accommodation will only be arranged if a full payment plus a booking fee of £25 is received in advance (see accommodation details - terms and conditions). Please note that the school acts in good faith and in arranging student accommodation is acting as the supplier's agent. We do not accept any responsibility for the acts/defaults of third parties, but will endeavour to help with any problems occurring as a result of the above.

Airport/station transfer fees are payable in advance. The fees table gives you the options available. Arrangements can only be made once proof of payment has been received.


A refund is only issued if a student is refused entry to the UK by the immigration or visa authorities or if an extension of his/her visa is declined.

There are no other grounds for a refund. A refund will not be considered if any of the following have occurred:

  • The student has broken the law, or breached the conditions of their visa and is therefore required to leave the country;
  • the student's visa is refused as a consequence of not having attended the course regularly;
  • an appeal is pending;
  • the student leaves the UK during his course and is subsequently refused re-entry.
  • the student applies for the wrong type of visa.

Decisions as to whether a student is entitled to a refund are based on the following:

  • Original refusal documents, which must be provided;
  • original enrolment documents issued by the School, which must be returned.

The School reserves the right to seek independent confirmation of visa refusals from the British Authorities. Important: The student must inform the school about the refusal and apply for a refund within 6 months of the visa refusal date.

In the event that a visa is refused in the UK or abroad and a refund is requested, 10% of the fees paid will be retained for administrative purposes, subject to a minimum £50 charge (see Non-refundable Payments).

Please note: Non-visa students, who have booked and paid for their course, are not entitled to a refund under any circumstances, however at the principal's discretion, their course may be deferred to a later date.

Non-refundable payments: Registration fee, accommodation booking fee and airport / station transfer fee once paid, are not refundable under any circumstances, but at the principal's discretion, may be deferred to a later date.


Students wishing to postpone their Course must notify the School at least 2 weeks beforehand. The original enrolment letters must be returned before replacements can be issued.

Student holidays

The school is closed for two weeks at Christmas and two weeks during Easter.

There is no personal holiday entitlement for courses of less than 12 weeks.

Students are entitled to a holiday of one week for every 12 weeks of study.

All students must notify the School office in advance if they take a holiday outside of the above dates. Failure to do so may result in being marked absent, and the school may notify the Home Office or immigration authorities.

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